Im a man leading a double life! With 12+ years in the corporate world, giving (& listening to) many a presentation. Unlike many, who would choose a slow,painful death over giving a presentation, I can't get enough of it! This is my idea of fun! "Why, he must be mad", so say the critics. Madness indeed!
For little do they know........
Im also an actor! With over 10 years of stage & screen under my belt, performing Shakespeare, Chekov, sketch comedy groups, interactive kid shows, & appearences on shows such as All My Children & USA Up All Night. Of most interest is
my association with "Professional Media Hoaxer"
Alan Abel, with whom I have performed in many of his
feats of chicanery such as the Phil Donahue fainting,
the NY Lottery hoax & 'Omar's School of Panhandling" on numerous talk/news shows-CNN,20/20, & Geraldo, to name
but a few. I have traveled the world with Mr Abel, learning at
the feet of the Master Prankster the art of the put-on!
But wait! Theres more......
Through my current affiliation with the world
wide organization, Toastmasters (of which I am the current winner of the NY/NJ Humorous
Speech Contest) I found my true calling in life!
That it was possible to combine my corporate & acting skills into one single entity........
Who is this Guy?
What does he do?
How does he do it?